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For many of us, working the nine-to-five shift at a steady job is a comforting and predictable career path. But for those seeking a little more excitement, there’s nothing quite like the fast-paced world of real estate! Not only is freedom a guarantee, but the life of a real estate agent comes complete with fulfillment, intrigue, and a comfortable monetary compensation package. Of course all of us at RE/MAX Plus won’t lie; becoming a licensed real estate agent takes a bit of work. But if you’re willing to put forth a little effort, the rewards of real estate are spectacular!

First Perk: Freedom
One of the biggest perks to the real estate agent lifestyle lies in the power to have complete control over your own work hours. Agents are able to create a schedule that works around his or her personal needs, which can be especially important for parents that need to support their family financially but don’t want to miss out on the important moments in their lives. Clients schedules however won’t typically be as flexible as their agents, which means that real estate agents must accept that there may be times that he or she will have to drop everything and see to the client’s needs. That being said, it’s hard to complain when there’s no time clock to punch.

Second Perk: Simple Education
There are many career paths that lead to success, but most require many years of education and a hefty amount of debt to get there. RE/MAX Plus agents however have the advantage of having full access to training material and industry experts 24/7, and no higher education degrees are required! Whether you decide to learn at your own pace or take advantage of our expert trainers, you can access the education you want, when you want it. There is an exam to become an officially-licensed real estate agent, and given the multitude of RE/MAX Plus resources at your disposal, starting or expanding a real estate agent career is only a matter of time.

Third Perk: Rewards
With no hourly wage or set salary weighing you down, the rewards of real estate are only limited to the time and effort he or she puts into their careers. Monetarily-speaking a real estate agent can enjoy an average commission of $1500 to $2000 after brokerage fees, and that only is after selling a modestly-priced property. A seasoned real estate agent usually works with several clients at a time, resulting in tens of thousands of dollars in a single quarter. But beyond the commission itself, the greatest reward a real estate agent receives is the personal satisfaction of finding his or her client a property that they love, or helping them sell their property at the best possible price. When a real estate agent forges those personal connections by helping resolve one of the most important decisions in a person’s life, the result is incredibly fulfilling.


Cole Taylor Mortgage has teamed up with RE/MAX Plus for an Open House Blitz weekend set to take place Sunday, June 9th at various times.

The focus will be to highlight the properties located in the USDA eligible areas and the potential buyers who can qualify for this program. This is an exciting opportunity to increase awareness to listings and the number of qualified buyers. To view a map of USDA eligible areas click here.

Cole Taylor will have information on hand at each of these listings for the USDA guidelines and qualifications. Please take a moment to review the following homes that will be open and the times you may visit them on Sunday, June 9th:

MLS Address Town Zip  Price Open Time
R204324 18 Evergreen Dr Batavia 14020  $  209,900 Advertizing Only
R218166 78 Forest Meadow Trl Ogden 14624  $  171,500 2-4PM
R220384 6349 Route 262 Byron 14422  $  184,900 12-2PM
R216583 841 Stones Cir Caledonia 14423  $  168,500 Advertizing Only
R206580  669 State Route 31 Macedon 14502  $  189,900 1-3PM
R203645 1113 Main St Mumford 14511  $  114,900 1-3PM
R207024 524 Gillett Rd Ogden 14559  $  114,900 1-3PM
R218530 28 Walnut Hill Dr Parma 14559  $  219,900 1-3PM
R215980 3218 Goosen Rd Marion 14505  $  254,900 1-3PM
R216127 7753 Victor Mendon Rd Victor 14564  $  289,900 1-3PM
R212573 943 Johnson Rd Palmyra 14522  $    89,900 1-3PM
R217831 3266 W Walworth Rd Macedon 14502  $  229,900 1-3PM
R217312 417 Burch Farm Dr Clarkson 14420  $  119,900 1-3PM


4227 Heather Drive Spur Marion 14505  $    94,900 1-3PM
R214753 40 Munger St Bergen 14416  $  109,900 1-3PM
R223072 260 Genesee St Avon 14414  $  159,900 1-3PM
R201130 38 James Moore Circle Parma 14468  $  229,900 1-4PM
R215924 70 Fairview Wheatland 14546  $  115,000 12-2PM
R208691 3267 LeRoy Rd LeRoy 14482  $  249,900 1-3PM
R221725 114 Heather Lane Scottsville 14546  $  134,900 12:30-4PM
R221531 465 Lake Road East Frk Hamlin 14464  $  190,000 1-3PM
R222164 972 Roosevelt Highway Hilton 14468  $  189,900 12-2PM
R222178 28 short hills Drive Hilton 14468  $  119,900 1-3PM
R204551 339 Franlee Ln Victor 14564  $  365,000 1-3PM
R220222 4990 Main St Livonia 14466  $  105,000 1-3PM